Emerald Island or Windsor Palms

Emerald Island and Windsor Palms are not hugely dissimilar. Both resorts are similar proximity to Disney (around 3 miles). Both have a short term rental holiday feel and have excellent clubhouse and community pool areas. Property type/selection. Further, both have a wide selection of townhomes and villas with Windsor Palms also offering condos.

Emerald Island resort clubhouse and pool side by side with Windsor Palms clubhouse and pool

1. Larger villas in Emerald Island cover larger floor space often having multiple living areas and go as high as 7 bedrooms.

2. Windsor Palms has wider coverage of property styles offering condos. It's townhomes also offer plunge pools which is rare in the wider Orlando area.

3. Scale acreage of Emerald Island is larger.

4. Emerald Island has open green spaces and walking trails.

5. Emerald Island is quieter, more peaceful and easier to feel like you can escape.

6. Emerald Island has 2 pool areas (a main central one next to the clubhouse and a second around the townhome area of Crystal Cove Loop).