Emerald Island or Windsor Hills

In all honesty Emerald Island and Windsor Hills are both an excellent selection for your Orlando vacation. But, as the two most prominent, short term rental communities within the Disney area not uncommon questions are 'how do the two resorts differ and which is better?'

Emerald Island resort swimming pool side by side with Windsor Hills swimming pool

A lot depends on your own personal preferences but below we have detailed why Emerald Island is both unique, different and ultimately better. Here are our reasons:

1. Emerald Island has a poolside tiki bar meaning you have enjoy a drink or snack whilst lying by the pool.

2. Emerald Island has larger green spaces with more trees with woodland trails making it ideal for evening strolls and a general sense of space.

3. Emerald Island has a wider selection of pool home styles than Windsor Hills. It also has larger homes both in terms of floorspace and a bedrooms with a selection of 8 beds available.

4. Emerald Island is generally cheaper to rent in than Windsor Hills on account of being a slightly older resort in addition to being 1 mile farther from the Disney parks.

5. Emerald Island has two community pools; the main pool next to the clubhouse but also the pool located in the townhome only sub-community entered to the left before encountering the main resort gate. This is useful in that it avoids any long walks to the pool.