Emerald Island or Reunion Resort

In any search of potential holiday rental communities in and around Disney Reunion and Emerald Island will often feature prominently in the list of recommended resorts. But how do they compare? In short, they are hugely different. Reunion is a vast sprawling estate of multiple mini-communities with a focus on the higher end of the market and some of the largest rental homes in the state of Florida. Emerald Island on the other hand is smaller and structured as one single secure resort.

Emerald Island resort swimming pool side by side with Reunion Resort waterpark

We think Emerald Island is better and here is why:

1. Emerald Island is small compared to Reunion meaning short walks to the pool and clubhouse.

2. Emerald Island facilities are accessible by all guests unlike Reunion which has a spiders web of rules and charges around many of the key facilities most notably the water park and golf courses.

3. Emerald Island is closer to Disney (3 miles) than Reunion (6 miles) which may not seem much but during rush hour traffic in Kissimee it can make a difference.

4. Emerald Island provides more bang for your buck. While Reunion is aimed at the higher end of the market, Emerald Island offers real luxury at affordable rates and is almost certainly the most value for money resort in the wider Orlando area given its close proximity to the parks.