Emerald Island or Paradise Palms


1. Short term rentals holiday feel.

2. Both 24hr security manned gated communities.

3. Both have excellent clubhouse and community pool facilities.

4. Both resorts have a wide selection of townhomes (3-4 bedrooms) and villas with private pool (4-6 bedrooms) although Emerald Island villas are larger and Emerald Island offers 7 beds on a scale not offered at Paradise Palms.

Emerald Island resort clubhouse and pool side by side with Paradise Palms clubhouse and pool


1. Emerald Island is closer to Disney. Emerald Island 3 miles from the gates to the Magic Kingdom. Paradise Palms 6 miles. Distance to Disney may seem negligable but every second counts on Orlandos busy road network.

2. Paradise Palms is one of Orlandos newest resorts (built in 2009). Emerald Island was built in 2003.

3. Emerald Island is traditionally one of Orlandos most popular vacation rental resorts alongside Windsor Hills, meaning it has a sound owner rental market and a well run, experienced and well managed Home Owners Association.

4. Scale of Emerald Island much larger, offering expansive woodland walks and cycle trails and lots of open green spaces.

5. Emerald Island is quieter, more peaceful and easier to feel like you can escape.

6. Emerald Island has two community pool areas.