Emerald Island - Property styles and floor plans

Like most resort communities in Orlando Emerald Island has a set of standardised property styles and floor plans. Knowing how your rental property is set out is valuable information and asking owners or managers to specify which style (of those listed below) their property adheres to is a worthwhile part of the enquiry stage.

Villa Home Styles

Emerald Island benefits from a broader than average range of home sizes from 3 to 7 beds available.

Grand Lagoon - 3 or 4 Bed Villa Homes

Grand Lagoon is the smallest of the villa home options. This rental property style comes with a den which the owner may or may not have turned into a 4th bedroom. At 1549 square feet it is amble size for a family holiday with 2 bathrooms (one being an en-suite linked to the master bedroom) and a double garage (usually converted into a games room). Grand Lagoon is a single storey property and comes with a private pool.

Grand Lagoon 4 bed villa floorplan

Cape San Blas 4 Bed Villa Home

Cape San Blas is a single storey property. It comes with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one being an en-suite linked to the master bedroom). At 1935 square feet it's considerably larger than the Grand Lagoon. Like Grand Lagoon all living space is on one floor which is ideally suited to holidaymakers with disabilities or very small children. The dining and living space are located at the front of the home and the open plan family and kitchen area at the rear. This home also comes with a private pool and a double garage (usually converted into a games room).

Cape San Blas 4 bed villa floorplan

Charlotte Harbor 4/5 Bed Villa Home

The Charlotte Harbor property style is located in the enclave part of the resort mainly locate around La Isla Drive. There was a number of different options. Some versions of this home may have a triple garage, whilst others may have a double garage and a 5th bedroom. The enclave homes are larger so at between 2667 and 2876 square feet (based on floor plan) this home is larger than standard 4 or 5 bed homes in the resort. The property comes with 3 bathrooms. 4 of the bedrooms are on the ground floor of this two storey property, the rest are located upstairs. The property also comes with a private pool and double or triple garage (usually converted into a games room).

Charlotte Harbor 5 bed villa floorplan

St. Vincent Sound 5 Bed Villa Home

At 2216 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, St Vincent Sound is perfect for larger parties or multiple families. The property is split over 2 levels with the nook, kitchen, dining, living (or 5th bedroom), toilet and family room all located on the ground floor as well as the master bedroom and en-suite. Upstairs you will find 3 further bedrooms and the main bathroom. This home comes with a private pool.

St Vincent Sound 5 bed villa floorplan

Magna Bay 6 Bed Villa Home

Magna Bay is a generous 2828 square feet. This rental property may come in anything from 5 to 7 bedrooms based on owner design preferences and room utilisation. It generally offers 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Living, dining, family, kitchen, nook and toilet are all found on the ground floor as well as the main master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. You'll also find a double garage (likely converted into a games room). Upstairs you'll find the master bedroom 2 with en-suite, the rest of the bedrooms and 2 further bathrooms. One benefit of Magna Bay is the large covered porch area at the rear which offers excellent shade for relaxing by the private pool.

Magna Bay 6 bed villa floorplan

Palm Harbor 7 Bed Villa Home

At over 3000 square feet Palm Harbor is an expansive rental property. Again with a number of design options the property usually comes with 7 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a double garage (games room). Unlike other properties all bedrooms are on the upper floor or this two floor property with only the master bedroom and en-suite located downstairs. If you rent a Palm Harbor style home you'll also benefit from a large porch area and private pool.

Palm Harbor 7 bed villa floorplan

Grand Harbor 6 Bed Villa Home

At over 3500 square feet of luxury open plan property the Grand Harbor home style is the biggest on offer at Emerald Island. You'll find 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a double garage (games room). With 1 (potentially 2) bedrooms located downstairs the rest are found on level 2 of this two storey property. This property has a large open plan living space with many bedrooms located upstairs making it ideal for large parties who may want to socialise together within the property such as golf trips or weddings parties.

Grand Harbor 6 bed villa floorplan

Townhome Styles

Emerald Island offers two styles of townhome with the option of 3 or 4 bedrooms. Townhomes are found in two locations at Emerald Island; the main resort and within the Westside community a separate gated community adjacent to the main community with a local pool and spa area.

Villa Sabine 3 Bed Townhome

Villa Sabine style townhomes offer 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. All bedrooms are located upstairs alongside a master bedroom-en-suite and main bathroom. Downstairs you'll find the living, dining, kitchen areas as well as a laundry room and toilet.

Villa Sabine 3 bed townhome floorplan

Villa Sarasota 4 Bed Townhome

Villa Sarasota is the larger of the two townhome styles at Emerald Island. Over two levels you'll find all living areas downstairs as well the master bedroom and en-suite plus a toilet and laundry room. Upstairs are located 3 further bedrooms (one with en-suite bathroom) and the main bathroom. With two master bedrooms with en-suite located on separate floors this townhome is perfect for 2 families who may want to vacation together.

Villa Sarasota 4 bed townhome floorplan